Took a Bruising, mug organizer.

Took a Bruising, mug organizer.

Took a Bruising, mug organizer.

Purple and Black mug organizer, my first craft project. Did not think it through before I made it, should have. So I would have a better idea of what I was making, just decided to take a look at the tutorial and jump right in. Unfamiliar with the geometry of wrapping fabric around, over and in a mug.

Thanks, JOY @, for putting up the tutorial and thanks to Craig Beder for sharing the blog post with me.

I did take me about 4 hours. Not sure how long it should have but learned many things from it.

Will make another but need a taller mug, it almost holds some of my scissors but they are a bit top heavy for the much I have. Definity will hold my most used stuff and has a handle to carry around. Cleaned up my work area.

Did not want to make any changes to the tutorial wanted to get the theory and method of making a mug organizer before my brain kicks with any of the modification and tweaks I almost always do to makes.

I do however have a topstitching habit (some call it an addiction, I call it a solution), I did add some to the top edge of the pockets, they just screamed topstitch me.

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