Out of focus Red X2 on Black.. Compression thigh/leg sleeves

Out of focus Red X2 on Black.. Compression thigh/leg sleeves

Out of focus Red X2 on Black.. Compression thigh/leg sleeves. 28th pair for the year. Estimate make build $4,75

For the construction of this pair, I used a serger 3 thread mock safety stitch (2 needles and one looper) for construction seams, using Gutermann 100% poly in the left needle (safety stitch), and Surelock serger thread in right needle and looper. These are very tight fitting, need to be in the range of 30-50 mmHg. Ran out of bulky/wooly nylon, happens.

For topstitching, I used a regular sewing machine and in the bobbin used bulky/wooly nylon, and in the needle used Gutermann 100% poly, and used the triple stretch stitch on my machine, to give a bit more thread to the topstitching.

The bottom hem of the ankle cuff, was finished with foldever elastic, raw edge binding technique.

Made elastic the same length as leg opening, so easy to sew in, and is tight on the leg but not too tight.

No need for gripper elastic or added silicone to leg band to stay in place.

Cost break down:
Color Geometric 4way stretch, Joann’s on sale with coupon, about $5.00 yard. Used ⅛ of yard, about $0.65
Fusible interfacing, woven stretch knit, about $1.00
Black 4way stretch, Joann’s on sale with coupon, about $6.50 yard, used ¼ of yard, about $1.25
Elastic upper thigh band, Ebay, 10 yards/$8.15, used 34 inches, about $0.81
Foldover elastic bottom ankle hem, about $0.50
Thread, about $0.50
Total About $4.75

Cost of making them with cheap 4-way stretch lycra/spandex is about $4 a pair if I use better/best lycra/spandex about $7 – $9 pair. Includes, fabric, thread, elastic. I do a lot of shopping on Ebay, getting the best deals I can, I plan some of my makes so I can take a few months waiting for deals.

In sewing it is make, mistake, remake, hehe.

**** Disclaimer and Brief Explanation ****

Andrew’s high fashion, couture compression leg sleeves, my replacement for my prescription compression stockings.

Living in Florida I wear shorts 98% of the time and having to wear prescription medical compression stockings. To me, they don’t look that great, and I don’t feel like I look good or nice in them. I have self-image issues, like most people. Sure I can wear the medical stocking, and yes, they come in white/beige/black. I don’t want to!

I want to have a better look for myself when I look in the mirror.

Not selling them, making them for myself, so the few that said they are going to report me to the FDA, go ahead, the FEDs already have a file on me, from the FCC, FBI, EPA to Homeland Security. Good luck with this one.

Blood clots, PAD, high blood pressure, heart disease, poor circulation, feet and leg swelling, and varicose veins, had/have them all. Had Ablation therapy (high-frequency radio wave to burn out the veins) done. 100% change varicose veins will return, so the need for medical compression stockings.

My alternative is my compression leg sleeves. I wear retail compression socks mostly black in color. I have not found fabric or a method of sewing/construction that will duplicate the compression of the socks. But I have been able to find fabric and sewing/construction methods and techniques that for me can replicate the compression I need in my calves to my upper thighs.

Compression socks go on first, then my compression leg sleeves over top of them.

My heart doc has reviewed them and agreed they are sufficient for my needs.

My prescription is for 30-50 mmHg’s, having no way to test my leg sleeves, but being a reasonable coherent person, I can put on the medical stocking then put on my leg sleeves and determine that they feel about the same amount of compression.

Each pair sometimes made with different fabrics is fitted before the final inner leg seam is sewn. So each pair is tested make sure it feels to me that is has sufficient compression.















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